Name: Asa’yid (african lion)

"Known by men as : Krix Asa’yid, Asa'Yid, The First Born, The Light"

It is said by the wise ones that when mankind was in it's infancy wallowing in it's first ignorance that the Asa'yid descended from the sky and took the form of a lion man to lead mankind. Asa'yid taught men that his spirit was tasked with guiding men towards wisdom, peace and prosperity with his claw...or destroying wickedness with his sword. Krix is a master of all swords and is especially fond of the "enlightened weapons" given to him by Guwrah The Strong to aid in his conquest. With the speed, agility and power of a Lion, the ferocity of the mightiest beasts, keen intellect and unmatched physical combat skills Krix Asa'Yid is determined to bring all that oppose his will and that of the Ancients into the Light no matter the cost.

"Peace from the sword"

Name: Guwrah (mountain gorilla)

"Known by men as : Guwrah The Strong, The Destroyer , Sab Guwrah"

Logical. Calculating. Ambitious. With immense strength Guwrah the Strongs' physical prowess is only matched by his intellect. Guwrah believes that his sole purpose for existence is to bring order through creation and he makes every effort to fulfill that purpose. Whether Guwrah is building weapons used to bring dissidents to heel or giving life to new forms of living creatures used to usher in his version of order his mind is always creating and planning. Guwrahs entire existence has been one of service to the ancients first and foremost. He has a powerful physique with pitch black fur and canine teeth protruding upwards from his lower jaw.

"You say YOU are the masters of Earth now? You lie. Unwittingly I suspect, which would make you ignorant. You are meat. Tools to be used for a greater good. Embrace that truth so that your actions are pure and you can harness your ki in service of those that gave us life. Or don’t. It doesn’t matter to me. Impede my path and you will die either way."

Name: Thufur Asa’yid (african lion)

"Known by men as : Thufur Asa'Yid, Seraf Asa’yid, The Sword of Krix"

Thufur Asa'Yid is the son and virtual copy of Krix Asa’Yid created to be Krixs' conquering presence on the battlefield while The First Born ruled in times of order. An elite warrior with white fur , a golden mane , black nails and an eye patch over his right eye Thufur is an extension of Krix himself in every way but one. The most trusted warrior of The Light and most often called upon to execute violence in the name of Asa'Yid , it is said by some near to Thufur that the Sword of Krix has seen too much blood shed and yearns for an end to conflict. It is rumored that he desires freedom from those who would order him to commit violence in their name.... Like his father Thufur is almost supernaturally skilled as a warrior with both sword and claw.

"Harmony from the claw"

Name: Bal Kharn (african rhinoceros)

"Known by men as: Kharn, The Golden Horn"

Bal Kharn is a force of nature personified. His immense resilience and strength are of legend while his seemingly impenetrable hide cannot contain the fury that burns inside . The Golden Horn fears no beasts and harbors a unique hatred of Fel Tusk and his kind. When angered the only strategy Kharn believes in is force. There can be no compromise in battle with Bal Kharn.

"It has been said that there is nothing more frightening than being trapped in the desert during a sand storm. The millions of swirling grains of sand are abrasive and cut open the flesh. The onslaught of razor sharp wind blinds one to the correct path ahead. The weight of the sand as it buries you is oppressive and stifles all resistance until your spirit is swallowed whole. What is true of the sand storm is true of Bal Kharn save one...
the sand storm bestows mercy on some. "
- the words of a refugee from the north

Name: Cahriv (emperor scorpion)

"Known by men as: Dong Cahriv, Mosiba Lel"

Cahriv is fear. He has no regard for life and considers its elimination one of the few joys that he can experience. There is a desire for death and destruction so strong and vibrant within Cahriv that it seems to radiate from his very being shimmering upon his armor and claws. If Krix Asa'Yid is The Light then Mosiba Lel is The Darkness. Preferring to wage war at night, he is the source of many legends and primal fear of evil that lurks in the dark. With the loss of his original right eyes, his twisted nature has become even more psychotic.

"It is rumored that there is nothing he will not consume when hungry."

Name: Gaamik (african rhinoceros)

"Known by men as: Gaamik Khatil"

Though he shares the same genetic code as Bal Kharn, Gaamik could not be more different. While Bal will see a deed through to its bitter end, Gaamik will only go so far as it benefits him. A mercenary at heart, he is always scheming towards greater power and wealth. Where Kharn is single minded and powerful, Gaamik uses cunning and treachery to achieve his goals.

"Fools who chase after ideals with high-mindedness; I have no use for these. I live by one principle, more. I want MORE!"

Name: Cerula (Brazilian scorpion)

"Known by men as: Escorpio Bahia"

Cerula is a myth, a bogeyman that the Brasilian mothers tell to their children when they are bad. Obey or Escorpio Bahia will come to take you away. He will sneak into your window at night and sting you with his tail. The reality is that Cerula prefers to be alone and does not actively seek out conflict. Is he good or evil? There is not enough historical evidence to say. But whoa to the man or beast who dare cross him....

"In Brasil, Bicho Papao is the monster under every kid's bed. Cerula is the monster under Bicho's bed."

Name: Khabasat (thorny lizard)

"No one is born evil. No one.
…then how do you explain him?..."

No one has pierced the veil that is Khabasat . While extreme in battle, to the point of instilling fear in his battle brothers, he is equally terse in speech. When he does speak, the words are usually cryptic and dripping with venom. His strength belies his frame. It is rumored that Khabasat enjoys instilling fear, crushing the knees of his foes and retreating to the shadows & peering at their painful struggle.

"You do not see things as they are. You see things as YOU are. There are mysteries that shroud the vision of most. I know WHY things are as they are. I see things as they shall be.

As I shall make them."